faded in the valley EP

by Ten Minute Turns

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this record is for our friends in the pioneer and hudson valleys.


released March 28, 2013

all songs by Alan Foreman and Roger Paul Mason
c 2013 super fun songs - ascap

maasa kuwana, jason miranda, aaron steele, abby hollander, special man, kotono sato, jacquee novak, anastasia sielski, christopher john williams, clayton colwell, luis granda, keri florence, ian edward tucksmith, samantha oakes, isabelle curran, and adam lekach

recorded: tmtHQ, the noisecave, and seaside lounge by jonathan altschuler

photo: alan

mixed: luis

thanks: you



all rights reserved


Ten Minute Turns Brooklyn, New York

Ten Minute Turns started as a songwriting game where animator Alan Foreman and producer Roger Paul Mason would attempt to make a complete track and foil each other as quickly as possible. The project expanded over the years to become a pretty good band. ... more

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Track Name: i wouldn't mind a ride (shotgun) home
i can see you there maybe eleven years ago
standing in the line for a hardcore show
and the apartments up and down lark
they were burnt out cold
and it was looking like a film about the end of the world
i was an alien you were a zombie
they wouldn't let us in and there was
no where really left to go - you told me

for once in your life no don't think twice
for once in your life accelerate
and i wouldn't mind a ride shotgun home with you
oh noooo

blowing down the street we found a fifty dollar bill
we could get something to eat
and we could get a lot of other things too
breaking the rules
but the kids down there don't even eat anymore
singing why cant we be anything at all
to each other and another thing
i'm telling the truth

and now i sleep all day
and run wild all night
when i lose control i lose control of control
i tell myself that i don't care anymore--or.
Track Name: roses for no reason
i got to get this down before distortin the facts and the figures
and i got a hunch that you’ll never be done with your meddlesome way
because your memory is monster
it’s been chewing on me for days and days yeah
you been gone so long so long
And it was freezing in the streets and the cold was just getting colder
I repeat it and repeat it but the motive’s all but eroded

whatever can you do
you been cooking up the books all night
truthfully i never read a word i liked

i want to waste 1000 days with you and not get any older
and i want to ride the darker wave but no
Track Name: the underdog
Yeah when you left it was hard to take but not that hard
I tried and tried to act surprised it was difficult
You got me by the pin of a grenade and I can’t wait for you to pull it
La di da di da a bunch of sentimental bullshit now

Turn it up loud turn it up so loud that you can never turn it down again
I’m the underdog now but when the city shuts down
I’m gunna show you what’s happening
I’m still happening when nothing’s happening at all

even if the song is over
i'll be here waiting on the dance floor
for one last look just give me one last look
your painless face is an elegant shape
with a lipstick shade that could never replace the sentimental fear that you were never here

wait for summer if you can
Track Name: fading in the valley
you've been
knocking me over
knocking me over
love in slow motion
my imagination
my imagination
water eroding

oh why
everybody fading in the valley tonight
i say oh why
i never felt stranger
rain falling the wrong way

you got somebody else
yeah you got someone at home
and now i'm dropping your name
from notebooks half distract-ed
i want to see you in vain
i want to see you alone
a better melody blazing thru your mind

i get it a little bit
i get it but i never been
i get it a little bit
i never want to be solo
Track Name: take all you can carry
The rain takes it’s complaints up and down the block
The radio plays from a million moving speakers it never stops
I been lost and found and underfunded again
We all have a story tell me
We all been in shock and lonely
It’s been 13 and a half months right down to the day
And the pavement gets so hot you can cook your breakfast upon it
I’m down to thirteen dollars and seventeen cents worth
Let it be known I’m around (let it be known)
Let it be known I will carry you under with me
The rain takes it’s complaints up and down the block
The radio plays from a million moving speakers it never stops
Take all you can carry take all that you can
Take all of your worries and allay them